Who we are

Global Educational, Economic and Social Empowerment (GEESE) is a non-profit organization enthused to organize, educate and empower community to promote and develop leadership for social transformation through liberating forces. GEESE aims to bring about social justice, economic growth, sustainability and self reliance. GEESE was established in 2008 and registered in 2011 with Joint Stock Companies and Societies, KPK under the Societies Act. 1860

GEESE’s core body brings diverse professional experiences. We have a strong background to offer multi-sector development projects and have institutionalized policies, systems and procedures at par with international donor standards. Our 4-year progress is a strong evidence of successful project implementation in multiple sectors. Education, Democracy, Food Security & Livelihood, SBDRM & CBDRM, Youth Empowerment, Child/Human Rights, Staff Development, Emergency and Relief, Vocational Trainings for Increasing Employability, Coordination and Linkage Development have been the focused themes. Through these projects, Citizens’ Voter Groups (CVGs), Vigilance Committee (VC), LMST and CMST were formed, trained and supported for their vital contribution towards community-driven achievements and sustainability. We take pride for receiving positive response from multiple stakeholders, e.g. children, youth and communities – the rights holders and government and non-government officials – the duty bearers and making successful attempts in a short span of time

Our Objective

  • To address the social and economic problems for collective interest of the society e.g. Right to Information, Vote, Health, Education, Livelihoods, Governance, Peace, Transparency, Accountability and justice etc. by enhancing community’s capacity in taking ample measures for towards resolution of common issues.
  • To undertake cross cutting and multi-sector projects ranging from governance, education, economic & social empowerment vis-à-vis community participation and involvement by Strengthening Communities for Sustainable Development.
  • To empower community/Village based organizations (CBOs/VSOs) to jointly work and monitor the development project impacts in ensuring durability/sustainability of the interventions;
  • To save lives, lessen sufferings and create resilience in the Natural/Man-made disaster prone communities through establishment of DRR/DRM components.
  • To ensure economic development and improvements in people’s general living conditions;
  • To establish fora for promoting positive change and leadership, boost relationships and understanding among populace for promoting social wellbeing and eradication of social evils like illiteracy, hunger, disease, unemployment and lack of awareness
  • To make people realize their strength and potentials to solve their problems, improve their life style by increasing their income. Through training for the income generating activities, orient them to take advantages and profit from Government schemes and resource mobilization. Make use of Natural resources available in the area and at the same time protect the environment.
  • To eradicate poverty through education. Giving people power to go to school and learn how to read and write, learn how to care for the family, how to grow food and how to optimally use natural resources available in their area and at the same time how to protect the environment.
  • To create the conditions in all cultures and societies so that all human rights are respected including the rights to participate in the decisions that affect people’s life, to healthcare, to the highest quality of education possible, right to a decent job and rights at work, right to decent housing, to a healthy environment, to have access to culture and art, right to information, etc.


  • Social Justice: we believe in equality through fair distribution of wealth and provision of economic opportunities to reduce the disparity between the haves and have nots.
  • Accountability: We are always responsible for optimal utilization of resources through effective and efficient planning and accountable for each penny to our supporters, donors, partners and, most of all, the community.
  • Empowerment: Our all efforts embark upon the empowerment of vulnerable communities by providing them basic necessities of life and make them economically more vibrant.
  • Transformation: We strive for positive change by focusing on living standards of the deprived people through justice and empowerment.
  • Professionalism: We never compromise in delivering best services to vulnerable communities through ensuring highest standards of honesty, reliability and integrity.


The organization has a Board which is a policy making body while its Executive Council ensures implementation and management of all of the projects under the organization’s care. The Board is supported by an Advisory Committee comprising of several development experts and educationists who provide regular advice and guidance in matters of organization progress and sustainability.


GEESE is accountable to all its stakeholders and presents its reports and observations to all of them in appropriate manner including annual financial accounts and reviews. Its primary responsibility is towards its members and the communities that it serves who are kept regularly informed through formal and informal communications. Externally, the organization is accountable to Joint Stock Companies and Societies, of Pakistan who have granted GEESE license to function under certain rules and regulations as a non-profit organization. In accordance with applicable laws, the books of accounts and annual financial reports are externally audited by a firm of chartered accountants.

Our Approach & Strategy

GEESE’s operations and strategic orientation is based on the experience that HID interventions have had a proven role in shaping current development perspectives. While on the one hand they have helped increased ability of local organizations to plan, implement and document projects more professionally, they have given donors means to assess the capacity of their intended beneficiaries. Using its proven HID approach as a vehicle, GEESE provides professional services to donors and civil society organizations that add value to local development interventions. The HID services include services pertaining to staff capacity, training needs, training designing, training delivery and capacity building framework etc. The HID services are based on experience of over a decade of learning from the field; and GEESE has added value to the services through its enrichment process. GEESE’s team has developed nationally recognized trainings manuals and booklets for its governmental and non-governmental institutions, organizations/entities. The services under HID include;

  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Designing of training modules and manuals
  • Training Delivery including formal and informal trainings, on-job and off-job trainings
  • Training Evaluation
  • Capacity Building Frameworks and Plans
  • Organizational maturity assessment and development planning
  • Organizational Development services including Policies and procedures, Systems (By laws Development, HR, Admin, Procurement etc.)

Typical Training Topics for Open and Customize Trainings

GEESE have in-house competency on the following topics for open and customize courses:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (Basic +Advance)
  • Institutional Development & Organizational Strengthening
  • Personal Management Skills
  • Social Mobilization with Appreciative Inquiry
  • Training of Trainers
  • Participatory Human Resource Management
  • Leadership and Management teams,
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Report Writing Skills
  • Effective Proposal Writing Skills
  • Risk Assessment & Planning “SBDRM & CBDRM”
  • Pedagogical Skills
  • Interactive Teaching Methodology

What Do We Offer

The prime area of GEESE expertise is in:

Project Management & Liaison

GEESE seeks to become an implementing partner for funders and agencies that require remote project management services for their social and development interventions. It seeks to become attractive as a local counterpart for overseas development assistance organizations who for any reason require a minimal footprint in Pakistan, or who desire to seek Pakistan-specific services from time to time. Under this arrangement we provide on an assignment or turn-key basis

  • Undertaking liaison & coordination
  • Identifying credible partners
  • Build value-added Human & Institutional capacity
  • Project execution resource mobilization
  • Monitoring
  • Documentation & reporting

Programme Development & Consulting

In view of the significant gap that exist between need for information and evidence-based decision-making faced by a number of national and international development funders, and the high demand for credible program partners in a rapidly evolving development environment, GEESE seeks to contribute its expertise, duly leveraged by its widespread network to

  • Developing, designing and implementing specific projects within its areas of expertise, for donors, agencies, government departments or corporate clients
  • In response to specific queries or public bids
  • As a result of individual solicitation.

Capacity Development & Learning

GEESE’s strength lies in its time-tested field HID methodology targeted specially towards grassroots organizations. It seeks to consolidate this particular strength and build new more innovative learning solutions that are attractive to an emerging client base with government, corporate and civil society sectors. GEESE helps in:

  • Identifying credible partners for whom to build value-added HID capacity, through customised programmes
  • Ongoing training calendar

Strategic Partnership

With larger local NGOs and like-minded international NGOs and donors strategic alliances can be considered to increase both national and regional outreach, to use each other’s comparative advantages or attain learning opportunities on specific themes.

Our Donors/Partners