Training of Aspiring Women Candidates
(Sept 2016 to Jan 2017)

Women are often reluctant to start a political career for a variety of different reasons tied to real or imagined barriers to their success. The more women enter into politics, however, the more encouraging it will be for other women to take an interest in politics, become active voters, consider careers in politics, join a political party or stand as independent candidates. Seeing women in leadership position can have positive effects on voters of both sexes, and can help shatter existing gender based stereotypes about women’s political capacities ,and to coup with mentioned realities GEESE has successfully implemented “Aspiring Women Candidates Training” project in district Faisalabad following objectives ,

  • Identify the aspiring women candidates for training.
  • To enhance the knowledge and awareness of aspiring women candidates about electoral process, legal frame work and campaign management.
  • To develop a comprehensive database containing the records of all applicants, selected participants, and the participants who have received the training.

In examining the issue of women participation in electoral processes in district Faisalabad that there are 11 seats of MNA and 21 Seat of MPA in the general election of 2013 as an irony of fate no female candidate has been elected keeping in mind there was dare need of aspiring women candidates project so that GEESE covered all Tehsil of Faisalabad for the identification of aspiring women for 2 days training from different political parties and Independent Candidates ,PMLN, PTI, PPP, PMLQ, PMLZ, PAT, JI, AWP,APML and Independent under defined criteria. Participants were given preference minority, previously elected councilors/MPA/MNA/Nazim etc., actively engage in political process, an active member of political party, having experience in social sector and Educated. Party vise breakup of 921 Participants is as under.

921 511 163 73 2 94 5 21 2 2 48

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