TABEER-Consolidating Democracy in Pakistan (CDIP)
(April, 2018 to March, 2019)

TABEER-Consolidating Democracy in Pakistan (CDIP) is implemented by DAI Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, and funded by the UK government. It is working to support the consolidation of democratic processes in Pakistan by strengthening the capacity of the country’s institutions to be more effective, accountable and responsive to the needs of Pakistani people. The project will support improved policy dialogue, political debate, and public discourse, supporting citizens to play a more active and informed role in decision-making.


TABEER works closely with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the national and provincial assemblies, political parties, media, and civil society organisations (CSOs), academia and other relevant institutions. It pays particular attention to increasing the participation of women, young people, minorities, and people with disabilities in electoral and political processes.

Through an Innovation and Research Fund (IRF), TABEER aims to pioneer a range of innovative programming initiatives to strengthen the capacity of citizens, civil society and the media to actively engage the institutions referenced above. It also seeks to expand voice and accountability mechanisms, to nurture a more responsive political culture. The ultimate aim is to expand the democratic space in Pakistan.

TABEER-CDIP awarded grant to GEESE to test and/or scale up new and promising innovative ideas to expand the three dimensions of the democratic space that defines TABEER’s programme approach under this output: civic knowledge, civic engagement and demand-side accountability mechanisms.

The project will have three key deliverables:

  1. Formation of SDG coalitions at provincial level in a sustainable manner.
  2. Research report on the status and challenges in achieving the respective SDG 16 target outlining the proposed provincial legislative reforms.
  3. Evidence based advocacy events and lobbying at provincial level with relevant stakeholders. (legislators/SDG taskforces & executive authorities) with specified outcomes.

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