GEESE’s Projects updates

S.# Project Donor Target District From To
1 Citizen’s Action for Effective & Participatory Local Govt. System TDEA-FAFEN Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram, Torghar, Lower Kohistan and Upper Kohistan June 2019 Continue
2 Women NIC and Voter Registration Project (WNVRC) TDEA-UNDP Abbottabad Nov 2019 Continue
3 Women NIC and Voter Registration Project (WNVRC) TDEA Torghar Feb 2019 Continue
4 Citizens’ Education and Mobilization for Women’s Voter Registration and Participation in Electoral Processes TDEA Abbottabad April 2019 Oct, 2019
5 Consolidating Democracy in Pakistan (CDIP-Tabeer ) DAI All districts of KPK April 2018 Dec, 2018
6 Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) TDEA Mansehra Sept 2018 June 2019
7 Women NIC and Voter Registration Campaign (WNVRC) TDEA Mansehra and Battagram Nov 2017 Dec 2018
8 Training of Aspiring Women Candidates UNDP Faisalabad Sept 2016 Continue
9 Advocacy for Electoral Reforms USAID District Mansehra, Battagram and Kohistan, KPK Pakistan Aug 2015 May 2016
10 Voter Education to Diminish barriers to Women Voting in Local Govt. Election UNDP District DG Khan and Bhakkar , Punjab Pakistan Sept 2015 Dec 2015
11 Transparent & Inclusive Local Govt. Election USAID District Haripur, KPK Pakistan Feb 2015 June 2015
12 Translation of Training manuals IRC Islamabad, Pakistan Jan 2015 Jan 2015
13 CBDRM UNDP District Tharparkar , Sindh Pakistan Aug 2014 Dec 2014
14 Citizens’ Awareness for Higher Female Voter Turnout USAID-TAF District Mansehra, KPK Pakistan March 2013 July 2013
15 Consultation Dialogue on Free and Fair Election UNDP District Mardan , Bannu , Swat, Kohistan and Swabi , KPK Pakistan July 2012 September 2012
16 Inter Department Premier League Right to Play and GPGC Mansehra District Mansehra, KPK Pakistan April, 2013 April, 2013
17 Capacity Building of Teachers Private School Union Mansehra District Mansehra, KPK Pakistan Jan 2013 Feb 2013
18 Ilm on Wheeel Tele Taleem District Mansehra, KPK Pakistan Sept 2012 March 2013
19 Voice of New Generation UNDEF-CSSP District Mansehra, KPK Pakistan May 2012 To date
20 Rozgar (Vocational Trainings in 07 trades) BISP-INSAN District Mansehra, KPK Pakistan May 2012 Sept 2013
21 Capacity Building of National Staff on DRM and ERP Helping Hand for Relief & Development Islamabad, Pakistan July 2012 July 2012
22 School Safety Manual Development FOCUS-AKDN Islamabad, Pakistan March 2012 March 2012
23 Capacity Building of Local Committees Rabt Development Organization District Kohistan, KPK Pakistan Jan 2011 March 2011
  • TABEER-Consolidating Democracy in Pakistan (CDIP)
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  • Women NIC and Voter Registration Campaign (WNVRC)
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  • Training of Aspiring Women Candidates
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Project Name
Project Name
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  • Citizens Awareness for Higher Female voter
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  • Empowering the Voice of New Generation
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  • Consultation Dialogues on Free and Fair Elections
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