Our Philosphy

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We utilize each other’s strengths, talents and abilities. We lift each other up with praise, with words of encouragement and with an understanding of what it takes to be the best. In short, we serve with a common purpose. As a result, we are more efficient, happier humans, who provide our beneficiaries with services that reflect our collective strengths.

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Shared leadership

We are all capable leaders. We recognize those instances where one person may be better suited to serve as the point manager. Instead of fighting at the front of the formation, we enable the best–suited person to take the lead. We learn that it is important to share for the task or the most severe problems with each other. Share the leadership, should be based on the mutual respect and trust among members in each moment.

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A Team is consist of people with different abilities, talents, experiences and backgrounds, who gather together to achieve one goal. To unify them as a team is not an easy task. This may sound strange, but often we learn from the environment around us. We learn to organize our team from the positive behaviors of animals. One thing we do in GEESE organization is to build a good team like the philosophy of geese. We look and learn how to build the togetherness in the organization management at some scientific facts about why geese are functioning as a team. From some scientific fact, it is proved that by functioning in group, the efficiency of the "Team" will increase by 71%, compared by operational his own self. Team work is able to move to the same goal, to reach the goal faster and lighter. It is obvious that this is more difficult to do something alone than with the other team. Always compact in the team that moved to one purpose; then it requires a less energy. After understanding the merits of group our team considers the values of togetherness and solidarity apply in organization and leadership, in order to achieve common goals.

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A collective desire to be the best

We as a team push each other to be the best. We understand the great things that each individual on our team has ability to accomplish, and we strive to sustain that greatness. Sometimes it takes a little motivational gesture.

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We stand by each other in the best and worst of times. Our loyalty to one another and to our vulnerable people reflected in the services we provide at their door step and the strong relationships we build.

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