Our History

Global Educational, Economic and Social Empowerment, GEESE is an independent, non-partisan and a not-for-profit civil society organization working on issues of democratic governance and women empowerment in Pakistan. GEESE is a sustainable research-based advocacy organization achieving concrete results in the field of transparency and accountability in governance at all levels through a higher degree of public participation based on respect for diversity. We have highly motivated and skilled technical staff to implement governance, community mobilization and advocacy projects in an efficient and effective manner. In the eyes of relevant stakeholders, we are seen as a professional and credible organization. We are a key promoter of democracy in Pakistan - leading to an educated, peaceful, self-reliant, socio-economically empowered democratic society with fair chances for all.

GEESE’s core body brings diverse professional experiences. We have a strong background to offer multi-sector development projects and have institutionalized policies, systems and procedures at par with international donor standards. Our 8-year progress is a strong evidence of successful project implementation in multiple sectors. Governance, Education, women empowerment, Democracy, SBDRM & CBDRM, Youth Empowerment, Child/Human Rights, Staff Development, Vocational Trainings for Increasing Employability, Coordination and Linkage Development have been the focused themes. Through these projects, Citizens’ Voter Groups (CVGs), Vigilance Committee (VC), District Electoral Reforms Groups (DERG), Youth Volunteer Forum (YVF) were formed, trained and supported for their vital contribution towards community-driven achievements and sustainability. We take pride for receiving positive response from multiple stakeholders, e.g. youth, children, women and communities – the rights holders and government and non-government officials – the duty bearers and making successful attempts in a short span of time. We are pleased to share that on the basis of sound internal control and compliance, GEESE has been selected as champion organization by Green Acre Associates UK and also selected as Cooperative Potential Partner by USAID, UNWFP, UNICEF and UNDP.

GEESE has demonstrated working experience in the field of women empowerment, policy, legislation, advocacy and research; we carried out a number of developmental and advocacy project;

  • Implementing a UNDP funded project on “Women NIC and Voter Registration Campaign” in districts Abbottabad and Torghar of KPK Pakistan
  • Implementing a USAID funded CVP project on Citizens Actions for Effective and Participatory Local Govt. System of KPK
  • Successfully implemented a USAID funded CVP project on Citizens Education and Mobilization for Women Voter Registration and Participation in Electoral Processes in District Abbottabad
  • Implemented a UNDP funded project on “Women NIC and Voter Registration Campaign” in districts Mansehra and Battagram of KPK Pakistan
  • Successfully implemented a DAI funded CDIP-TABEER project on SDG-16 in all districts of KPK
  • Trained 921 Aspiring women from different political parties and independent candidates on Electoral processes, Campaign Management and Legal framework in District Faisalabad, Punjab Pakistan
  • Successfully implemented the project on Advocacy for Electoral Reforms in three districts of KPK; i.e Mansehra, Battagram and Kohistan. The project consists of four main components; (i) Mobilization of Project Resources ii) Identification and Training of Activists and Youth Volunteers iii) Assessment and Data Collection; and iv) Advocacy on Identified Issues.
  • Implemented a UNDP funded project on “Voter Education to Diminish Barriers to Women Voting in Local Government Elections” in DG Khan and Bhakkar, Pakistan. The activities under this project includes; i. Formation and sensitization of Citizen's Voter groups (CVGs) ii. Community meetings at each UC of targeted district iii. Sessions with Political parties, religious leaders, youth, women and minorities etc iv. Use of IEC material and radio messages and v. Seminars
  • Implemented a USAID funded project on “Transparent & Inclusive Local Government Elections” in District Haripur, KPK Pakistan. The activities under this project includes i. To facilitate potential candidates, particularly from marginalized communities, in running for office in the local government elections ii. Twelve 12 one-day capacity building trainings (25 Pax per training) iii. Mobilize citizens, particularly women, to vote in the local government elections. iv. FM Radio messages and IEC material v. Community meetings in areas where women voters are barred from voting or where the general voting turnout is low and vi. Six Seven days voter information kiosks (stalls) for general public
  • Citizens’ Awareness for Higher Female Voter Turnout – A USAID funded Citizens’ Voice Project implemented in District Mansehra. Under this project 24 Citizens’ voter groups (CVGs) at polling station level each CVG consist of 10 members were formed and fully capacitate through day long training. These CVGs played significant role to sensitize respective communities about the importance of women’s voting and mobilized them for their active and meaningful participation in the electoral processes. Under the project, these committees engaged in various activities like community meetings, door-to-door visits, stalls and sensitization meetings with community elders.
  • Successfully implemented a UNDP funded CBDRM project in District Tharparkar of Sindh Pakistan
  • Organized consultative Workshops on Free and Fair Elections in 10 districts of KPK, Pakistan
  • Successfully implemented a UNDEF funded project “Voice of New Generation” in district Mansehra. The activities under this project includes; Identification of youth volunteers for VNG, organize training for master trainers, Conduct quarterly cascade trainings and observation of election

Our Donors/Partners