• To address issues of collective interest e.g. Right to Information and Vote, Health, Education, Governance, Livelihood and Transparency and justice etc. through enhancing rights holders community’s capacity in taking them up with appropriate duty bearers authorities
  • To empower community based organizations (CBOs) to work for and monitor impacts of development projects and thus contribute to sustainability of interventions
  • To take necessary steps and ensure economic development and improvements in people’s general living conditions in target areas
  • To establish forums, boost relationships and understanding among constituents of rural masses for promoting welfare and eradicating common social issues such as illiteracy, disease, poverty, unemployment and unawareness
  • To raise awareness and enhance capacity of institutions and CBOs to effectively disseminate information to support underprivileged to access their rights
  • To mobilize necessary inputs during and after natural catastrophe and make no harm while undertaking activities on recovery, rehabilitation and disaster management
  • To create mass awareness for a cleaner and greener environment through organizing lectures, seminars, training programs and publish documents with the purpose to protect life and environment

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