Empowering the Voice of New Generation

The Youth in Pakistan, defined by the Pakistan Ministry of Youth Affairs as those under the age of 29, comprise approximately 70% of the population. Although youth have played a constructive role in many democratic struggles and political transitions, academics have also noted a strong correlation between large youth populations and political instability, especially in developing countries. GEESE with the support of UNDEF and Civil Society Support Programme initiated the Empowering the Voice of a New Generation programme, providing the opportunities to interact with the concerned citizens, political, social and human rights activists, lawyers, writers, researchers, elected representatives and government officials to have discussions and debates on core issues and their cause and effects on the overall society. This project is based on groups of volunteers including Master Trainers and members. About 80 members are part of VNG group at district level. Selected master Trainers get TOT in start of the quarter on specific theme. Afterward VNG Master Trainers conduct weekly sessions on human rights, political aspects and child rights, debate and discussion, quiz competition and seminars. The Voice of New Generation (VNG) groups were formed at district and Tehsil level. The VNG members engaged in training and advocacy campaigns at local, national and global level. All the VNG units elect their leaders for one year and they represent VNG at District level. The District Body is key decision making body at district level and represent district at divisional level. The Divisional members of VNG are part of Provincial Council and elect their provincial body for one year. Implementing Partner Name Global Educational, Economic & Social Empowerment (GEESE)


  • Formed Youth Forums and built capacity of 54 men and 26 women to be able to raise voices for their rights under Voice of New Generation project.
  • About 80 youth get aware on right based approach, political history of Pakistan, democracy and Socio-economic and Political Analysis.
  • Sensitize youth on election process
  • Raise awareness on democracy especially during general Election 2013.
  • 10 members directly served as observer during Electoral process.
  • Promote healthy competition of youth at district, divisional, provincial and National level.
  • Encourage and broaden the vision of youth through exposure in Annual National Youth Conference (NYC)
  • GEESE Participation in NYC and got recognition shield in the honor of smooth implementation of project

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