Citizens’ Awareness for Higher Female Voter Turnout

GEESE signed the agreement with Citizen’s Voice Project to strengthen masses’ voice by raising awareness through its active interventions at grass root level. The Citizens’ Voice Project funded by USAID aims to strengthen citizens’ voice and public accountability in relation to the registration and turnout of women voters by

  • Supporting efforts to design and implement public information, education and communication campaigns (IEC) aimed at improving awareness of citizens, in particular women and disadvantaged groups about the necessity of women participation in democratic and electoral processes
  • Developing linkages and partnerships between and among citizen groups, women rights groups, political parties, media groups and associations, civil society organizations and other stakeholders to engage with the elected representatives and relevant public bodies (ECP, NADRA etc.) for better female voter turnout.

Under this project 24 Citizens’ voter groups (CVGs) at polling station level each CVG consist of 10 members were formed and fully capacitate through day long training. These CVGs played significant role to sensitize respective communities about the importance of women’s voting and mobilized them for their active and meaningful participation in the electoral processes. Under the project, these committees engaged in various activities like community meetings, door-to-door visits, stalls and sensitization meetings with community elders. These CVGs also observed the local situation, identified the challenges, barriers, and raised the same with relevant local authorities, local political parties, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), and media to seek timely redress. Beside this at district level a Vigilance Committee consist of 10 members was formed with aim to develop linkages with line department and promote partnership between and among CVGs. To achieve the set objectives GEESE held number of coordination meetings with law enforcement representatives, ECP Mansehra, NADRA and other relevant stakeholders. These meeting were conducted with the agenda to higher female voter turnout and overcome the barriers. In chain to this Commitment from political candidates were also taken to nurture the set objectives.

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